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The emergence of Windows 95 means that many aspects of the Microsoft operating system have undergone tremendous changes. It replaced the traditional MS-DOS command console with a graphical interface, which made computers more popular (the interface is already available on Mac or OS/2).

In order to adapt to the new features of Windows 95, Microsoft decided to release DirectX, a set of APIs designed to simplify the work of developers in all things to do.

What is the DirectX API?

It comes with the following API list for developers and coders: Direct3D for processing and encoding three-dimensional graphics.

l Direct Graphics for drawing two-dimensional images; and representing images in 3D.

l DirectInput is used to process data from keyboards, mice, and other controllers and peripheral devices (such as gamepads and joysticks).

l DirectPlay is used on the network Communication.

l DirectSound is used for audio playback and recording.

l DirectMusic is used for music playback.

l DirectShow plays the sound and video with network transparency.

 l DirectSetup simplifies the installation of DirectX components and elements. l  DirectCompute, which is a language And explain the tions library to manage all process threads specifically designed for multi-core processors.

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DirectX 9 solves the performance problems caused by certain processes, which will produce bottlenecks in processing data. In 2006, DirectX 10 was released in Windows Vista. It corrects some limitations and defects in the previous version, and was adopted by Windows 7. DirectX 10 introduces new features:

l More efficient and less frequent API calls, so as not to reduce the CPU burden in the graphics field.

l Shader Model 4.0: The maximum number of registry, rendering targets and bytes in the vertex buffer has been increased, and now we can access textures without restriction of any kind of shader.

I Geometry Shader: Real-time creation of geometric shapes. This new version means a major change in the concept of new video games.



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