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Do you want to experience brainstorming by operating Petrie Disk? Do you want to get happiness through cooperation in multiplayer mode? is a fun and original online game that has achieved great success because it combines a multiplayer game mode with a competitive game.

The game experience is similar to the excellent Osmos. The main difference is that the game can only be played online, avoiding the unreal feeling brought by stand-alone games. It was originally started as an online game. On account of the emergence of Miniclip, it can use APK format to log on to Android, iPhone and Windows. can be customized according to the user’s username. For eaample, if your user name is Mexico, your ball may have a Mexican flag; if you user name is Doge, you can play with the famous Mimu.

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The method of playing this mobile game is very simple, we only need to keep in mind one premise: Our ball can eat something smaller than us, but something bigger than us may also eat us ball.  For this motivation, we need to move the sphere on the screen with our fingers to avoid players with larger spheres and try to absorb the balls of players with smaller spheres. Grow into a larger sphere that is not easily eaten by other balls, when you eat other spheres and food.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the closeness of the larger spheres to prevent them from being eaten.  In the event that you are not satisfied with your results, you can always start from the beginning.


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